Fishbourne Roman Palace

In 1960, workmen digging a pipe trench in Fishbourne discovered the Roman Palace. It's clear that clues to its existence had been uncovered over the previous 150 years. However, thorough excavations actually took place between 1961 - 1969, with the museum opening in 1968. The palace site covers 5.6 acres and its original rooms numbered more than 100. You will see a large collection of period Roman mosaic floors and artifacts, many presented as they were discovered in their original rooms, corridors and halls (even the Roman under-floor heating can be seen). The Roman garden is also historically sensitive, and it forms a rectangle around the original four wings of the palace.


Facts about Fishbourne Roman Palace:

It houses the largest collection of in situ mosaic floors in Britain

The building may not have been part of a real palace, although it is certainly large enough.

The building would have developed over three key periods:

1.Military occupation cAD 43

2.Ciivil development cAD 50-60

3.Final rebuilding cAD 65-75

Fishbourne Roman Palace is open:
Daily 1st February to 15th December 10 am - 5pm
March -July and September - October 10am- 5pm
August 10am- 6pm
February, November and December 10am - 4pm
Saturday and Sunday 15th December - 1st February.
Admission Charges as follows:
Adults £5.20
Students and over 60's £4.50
Children £2.70
Family ticket (2+2) £13.40