Chichester Cathedral
It would be too large a task to offer a complete history and description of Chichester Cathedral .However key historical events are summarised as follows:
680 The see* was founded at Selsey by St. Wilfrid.
1075 Bishop Stigand transfers the see* to Chichester
1108 The episcopate Ralph Luffer built the main aspects of the cathedral as it appears today.
1114 Fire seriously damages the cathedral.
1118 Bishop Seffrid II reconsecrates the building which consisted of two western towers, a nave, transepts and aisles.
1187 There is another serious fire.
1199 Cathedral is reconsecrated.
Late 1200's The cathedral spire was added
1642 Puritans desecrate the cathedral
1861 The spire collapses . Reconstructed by Sir Gilbert Cleveland.
*see is a Bishop's seat or region.

Providing that there is no prearranged event, visitors are welcomed to the cathedral most days.Trained tour guides are available for tours between 11.15am and 2.30pm (excluding Sundays from the middle of March to the end of October). Further information:

Chichester Cathedral's Official Website

The cathedral is open to the public without charge, although donations are accepted. The cathedral is small relative to similar buildings of its genre. It is 393 feet long and 90 feet wide, the internal vault is 61 feet high, whilst the spire is 277 feet high