The City of Chichester
The City of Chichester has a central district that comprises a number of shops, markets, bars, restaurants and tourist attractions. There are a number of well known high street brand including Marks and Spencer, Army and Navy, Woolworth's and many others. The bars and restaurants deliver a variety of experiences, from value for money (J.D Wetherspoon is sited in the old Dolphin and Anchor Hotel, opposite the cathedral) to the high profile. There are outdoor and indoor markets.

The main district centres on the Market Cross, which was erected in 1501 [pictured above]. The key streets then run in the four directions of the compass, namely North street, East Street, South Street and West Street. Running from the south-eastern region are smaller Georgian 'pallants.' The city centre itself is best explored on foot, so it is recommended that you park locally and wander in. Prior Park, located to the north-west of Chichester city centre, is a pleasant spot for a stroll or picnic.
Chichester's main attraction is of course its cathedral. However, the site itself has more to investigate than the main historic building. There are pleasant cottages, and well maintained gardens surrounding it, so head out of South Street into Canon Lane, and on into the Bishop's Garden.