Bosham is a very picturesque small coastal village, which has a history peppered with notable events. Bosham is recorded in the Bayeaux tapestry, with a depiction of Harold with a hawk on his wrist, taking mass before his departure to battle. Popular myth says that King Harold's remains are buried in Bosham church (the church itself predating the norman conquest). There is also a legend surrounding King Canute, since tradition has it that he had a palace at Bosham and that his daughter's remains are also buried under the church (this is loosely supported by the finding of a rough stone coffin in 1865 containing a child's skeleton). Another legend has it that the Danes landed at Bosham, and raided the church taking off with the church bells. Unfortunately the weight of the bells sank the invaders' ships. Legend says that those with attuned ears can hear the bells at certain times.

Bosham is one of the attractions near to Chichester that should not be missed. It is positioned at the end of one of the creeks emerging from Chichester Harbour. It has some lovely tea rooms, small cosy local pubs and plenty for sailing enthusiasts. Oh, and make sure that you park your car on the public car park, and not at the quay side. The tide comes in very quickly and uninformed motorists often reappear after a pub lunch or pleasant stroll to find their vehicle submerged (overlooked by a plethora of smirking onlookers).


To get to Bosham from Chichester, head out to the A27 and travel down to the last large roundabout before leaving for Portsmouth (The Fishbourne Roundabout). Head into Fishbourne along the old A27, and carry on for about another 2 miles.

For more information about Bosham, consult the Bosham's Villagers' website, and for details on local sailing visit Bosham Sailing Club.